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Best Site Promotion – 9 Ways to Excel At Site Promotion

By now, we all know that traffic keeps websites alive. But what are the best ways to generate traffic? This article offers you the 9 proven and tested techniques to drive traffic to your website:

1. Start with your domain name. Even before you start your own website, you must think of traffic already by thinking of a domain name that you can use as a traffic generator. Domain names that are short, keyword rich, and easy to remember can draw online visitors to you site.

2. Put up interesting, original content to your site. Information is the hottest commodity in the internet today. If you are able to provide the kind of information that your target market are looking for, you can be assured that online users will flock your site in no time.

3. Make your website very entertaining. Incorporate audio and video streaming, as well as forums, podcasts, and free downloads. These will surely attract online users who would like to be entertained.

4. Submit your website to Google, Yahoo! And MSN. These search engines can help your visitors locate you when they use your keywords or keyphrases on the search field.

5. Offer unique services. Innovate and pioneer a service or a feature that will entice more online users. YouTube, for example, pioneered video sharing that became an instant hit.

6. Make sure that your website is always up. Online users are annoyed when they try to open your page and it is always under maintenance. So it is crucial that you have a dependable web host provider.

7. Build quality links with other websites. To make your website crawl, search the internet for similar websites and exchange links with them. Search engines will rank you based on the quality and quantity of links pointing to your site.

8. Utilize article marketing. The best way to create quality inbound links to your website is through article marketing. So write quality articles and submit them to major article submission sites.

9. Analyze each page on your website and make sure they are all indexed by search engines. If not, optimize them so they will be searchable too.

How to Make Top Residual Income From a Home-Based Business

Finding a home-based business to start up is easy; finding a home-based business to start up that will generate income is a different story…In order to generate the kind of money you are looking for, whether it is to supplement or replace existing income, the best place to start is where the odds are at their best. That is, home-based businesses that have a known success rate for generating top residual income will likely be where you, too, can make top residual income from a home-based business.So how can you spot the perfect business that will generate top residual income? Let me show you how.Generating top residual income from a home-based business is fairly straightforward. Consider these questions when evaluating a business opportunity to decide whether it has the potential for success.- What is the initial financial investment?- How much competition is in this particular career market?- Are my competitors successful?- How much time am I willing to invest, and is it enough time to make my particular career successful?- What is the current demand for this type of work? What are the trends for future demand?- Does this career opportunity spark my interest?Remember that there are several factors that play into a successful business. There are many great business opportunity out there, but not all of them will be right for you. Some businesses may be too successful, which leaves little room for competition and little chance for your business to succeed. Others may require too great of an initial investment, too much of your time, or too much training to be the right match for you. Also, a business opportunity that is going to generate top residual income from a home-based business has to one that sparks your interest. If it doesn’t, you may not have the motivation or desire in the long-run to make it a success.Once you have chosen the type of business that is right for you, there are several strategies for success that should be followed in order to achieve the kind of income you are looking for. Not many people know how to earn top residual income from a home-based business despite their efforts.A simple step towards a successful business is the use of article marketing. This is the best way to promote a business, and earn top residual income from a home-based business. The long-term results of article marketing are outstanding!Another simple step towards a successful business that earns top residual income is to be as flexible in your business as possible. The economy is constantly changing, and business entrepreneurs must be flexible and forward-thinking to prepare for these changes. 2010 is here, and new ways and ideas for earning top residual income from a home-based business will reveal themselves. You don’t necessarily have to know how to predict what these businesses will be, but having an understanding of what it is people need, regardless of economic standings, will be an important key to making a successful business.Good luck to you and all of your new endeavors.